NASA Astrofisica.

Publicaremos aqui lo ultimos videos que la NASA vaya realizando y poniendo a disposición publica.
Tambien todas las novedades y misiones que se vayan realizando tanto en la NASA como en la ESA o en cualquier otra agencia Aeroespacial mundial.

Captioned This Week at NASA 091109

A weekly summary of the latest news, events and mission activities at NASA

Desert Rats MJ Steady Interview

As NASA prepares to send humans back to the moon, one very important aspect of future missions will include geology and scientific studies by astronauts. MJ Steady chats with Heather Paul about the geology lab project she’s working on out in the field.

FLIGHT TEST NATION 2009 Preview October 17th

ESA vodcast ‘The untamed, violent Universe’

‘In this fifth episode of the Science@ESA vodcast series Rebecca Barnes will give us a glimpse of the hot, energetic and often violent Universe revealed through X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy, look at ESA missions that detect this hidden light and find out how the science that these missions perform is meticulously planned.’


Armadillo Aerospace Corp. flew a vehicle named Scorpius on two, three-minute flights
between launch and landing pads 60 meters apart on Saturday, Sept. 12, successfully
completing a level 2 flight profile for the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge (LLC).
The flights took place at Caddo Mills Municipal Airport in Caddo Mills, Texas. One landing pad
was a mock lunar landscape strewn with rocks and boulders.

Teams have until October 31 to complete flight attempts and qualify for remaining LLC prizes.
Two other teams have scheduled Level Two flight attempts before the deadline.

The Lunar Lander Challenge is run by the X Prize Foundation for NASA, with prize money provided
by the agency’s Centennial Challenges Program. The LLC is one of six current Centennial Challenges
overseen by NASA’s Innovative Partnerships Program.

NASA | LOLA: Defining the Lunar Terrain

The Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA) instrument on board NASA’s LRO spacecraft will be responsible for building the highest detail topography available of the lunar terrain. In this video David Smith, LOLA’s Principal Investigator, explains how this technology works.

LRO Press Briefing

Craig Tooley, LRO Project Manager, Michael Wargo, Chief Lunar Scientist, Richard Vondrak, LRO Project Scientist and David Smith, LOLA Principal Investigator discuss the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission Mapping the Lunar South Pole.

HTV Grapple and Berthing (Docked with Space Station)

The unpiloted Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) arrived at the International Space Station Thursday and was attached at 6:26 p.m. EDT using the stations robotic arm.

Flight Engineers Nicole Stott, Robert Thirsk and Frank De Winne used the stations robotic arm to grab the cargo craft and attach it to the Earth-facing port of the Harmony node.

Recopilatorio: Lanzamiento del GLAST explorando el Universo

GLAST blasts off into Space to Begin its Mission to Explore The Universe

The GLAST spacecraft began its mission to explore the extreme universe by riding to space atop a Delta II rocket. The liftoff from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s Launch Pad 17-B came 20 minutes into the launch window at 12:05 p.m. EDT.

The Delta II is designed to boost medium-sized satellites and robotic explorers into space. For this launch, NASA used a two-stage rocket equipped with nine strap-on solid rocket boosters. The second-stage engine fired twice as it propelled the spacecraft toward its intended orbit. The first burn over the Atlantic Ocean lasted 5 minutes and 35 seconds, followed by a cruise phase of 58 minutes. The second firing over the South Pacific lasted just over a minute. At approximately 75 minutes after launch, the GLAST spacecraft separated from the second stage as it reached its circular orbit 350 miles above Earth.


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